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HSM strives to provide the land clearing services that fit your project's needs. From swamplands to mountainsides, our team's extensive experience in the land clearing industry means you can trust HSM to get the job done safely and efficiently at a cost that fits your project's budget. Whether its burning, chipping, or grinding debris or removing them from the site altogether, our crews ensure that we leave your jobsite ready for the next phase of development. At HSM, our primary goal is to provide the right services that meet the unique requirements of your development project.

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Land Clearing

HSM offers a wide range of vegetation management services to suit your project’s needs. Our rubber-tired track feller bunchers easily cut down trees and remove them safely, and our chippers can easily process excess materials into mulch. In areas that are either too wet or remote for machines to access, HSM’s saw crews are equipped to handle the job and are capable of climbing if needed. Our team members are also certified in aerial rescue procedures and are electrical-hazard trained.


Vegetation Management

HSM restores ROWs back to their original state after construction crews are done. We offer a variety of services including hydro-seeding, mat removal, construction entrance restoration, and more to minimize the effects of construction crews and heavy equipment on your completed ROW. HSM respects the fact that we are just visitors wherever we work, and we are committed to leaving every property we cross better than we found it. 



HSM can install, haul, and remove mats on your worksite. At HSM, we understand the importance of preserving wetlands and stream crossings. Our crews respect the fact that we are on your jobsite only temporarily and strive to preserve the beauty of your development’s natural landscape. No matter the setting, HSM takes pride in our commitment to protecting the environment while meeting the unique needs of your land development project.



When disaster strikes, HSM’s fleet of self-loader trucks and trailers prove to be an important asset in removing debris from any site impacted by severe weather or other natural disasters. Our experience in disaster restoration along with the right equipment to get the job done mean cleanup efforts are executed as smoothly and quickly as possible. At HSM, our goal is to take the stress out of mitigating the effects of natural disasters at a price you can afford.


Disaster Relief

Line strikes are a serious serious hazard to any development. Our team uses ground-penetrating radar (GPR) for locating these underground pipelines and utilities and preventing them from being damaged. Our GPR systems send small pulses of energy into the ground, which make up an underground scan of the jobsite. With triple frequency technology, our units offer superior resolution up to a depth of 30 feet. At HSM, we go above and beyond basic precautions to ensure that your project runs smoothly and safely.



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